Why Intern after Graduate School?

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In March, I walked through the doors of Arch Street Communications not knowing what to expect. After spending a year and a half in Boston and London earning my master’s degree, it felt strange to be taking on another internship. As I walked into the building for my first day, I was concerned this would be another coffee runner internship, filled with long days of filing and grunt work.

It took only a moment for those concerns to be erased. Within the second I put my bag down, I was pulled into a meeting and giving feedback on a website’s design. The rest of the day continued with the same momentum of meeting coworkers and participating in project strategy development. By the end of the day, I was excited for more.

So why would I take an internship after completing my education? Aren’t internships for college credit? At first yes, an internship is a great place for students to get their first taste of the workforce, however the marketplace is changing and the demand for seasoned employees even applies to those just entering the workforce. When I saw that ASC posting for an intern, I jumped at the chance to expand my skill set in a new learning environment.

The atmosphere of ASC is one of creativity, community, and common purpose. One of the perks of working in a small business is that everyone in the office is within earshot. Ideas and debate are free to flow through the air like petals on the wind, and every idea was worth exploring, regardless of its source.

This constructive atmosphere has been one of the most inclusive office experiences that I have ever worked in. In the following months, I found myself being involved with more clients and creative elements such as blogging and strategy development. The true gem came a month into my internship when I began work on my own projects involving celebrating the 25th anniversary of ASC and strategizing the next step in ASC’s growth.

Reflecting on the past several months, the amount I have learned during my time with ASC would rival many of my graduate classes. The experiences I have from working alongside a fantastic team of intelligent and diverse individuals are ones that I will take with me throughout the rest of my professional life.

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