This time, it worked.

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Just inked a lease on a dream.  After 22 years, ASC has relocated to a loft-like space in downtown White Plains, and while the location, technology, and access to work force talent are great, here’s what matters most about this move:  ASC is a success story for the public agencies and large prime contracting clients we serve—and for the government programs that give small, women-owned, disadvantaged business a seat at the government contracting table.

There’s plenty of doubt cast on government programs, but our move is a “this time it worked” moment.

In our home state of New York, Governor Cuomo set a new goal of 30% for contract awards to small business.  And large businesses who win contracts are expected to allocate a percentage of the work to small business—and to mentor the small businesses on their contracting teams.

New York worked hard to keep us here.  The support and incentives from programs like the Westchester County Industrial Development Agency and Hire Westchester made us want to stay—and helped us choose Westchester as the place to set down new roots.

So we’re using this relocation to say Thank You. Thank you to the government programs in transportation, energy, and the environment that have trusted us with their communications, graphics, and event needs. Thank you to the prime contractors that have partnered with us, time and again, to deliver effective and innovative public outreach. And thank you to the sub-contractors that make a small company into a big force.

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  1. Congratulations! Looks great! This is an exciting time for you, not to mention better lunch choices. The message of having a small business that is succeeding while working with government programs and public agencies is a good one.

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