Six Steps to Wrap Up Smart Client Relations


The December holidays are upon us. And when it comes to spreading good cheer, this season offers the perfect opportunity  to give the gift that keeps on giving—client contact. Whether you’re a fast-growing, women-owned small business like ours or a large firm with generations of history behind you, a solid plan for client relations is your lifeline—and turning the social good will of the holidays into smart customer outreach can put you and your firm top of mind.

Here are six steps to turn your annual “Ho Ho Ho” e-card into the foundation of a relationship-boosting customer communication strategy.

Let’s get started—pull out your contact list, check it twice, and be sure to send greetings before people start traveling for the holidays.  Then launch your new approach with these six steps:

1. Learn to like and share. Endorse your customers’ online content—everyone appreciates the support, and they are likely to return the favor. Use LinkedIn, corporate Facebook pages, and Twitter to engage with your customers.

2. Join the conversation. Do they blog?  Do you?  Be sure you read your customers’ blogs, leave a comment, and share the content.  And when you post your own material, send your customers an email letting them know the new content is up—with a link to the content to make it easy to find—and why they may want to give it a look.

3. Be inclusive. When you blog, tweet, or post, don’t be shy about tagging a client or linking to their web page.

4. Celebrate success. If you hear about a client success story, award, recognition, or new business win, send congratulations fast and with fanfare. Then: re-read steps 1, 2, and 3.

5. Share your news. When it’s your turn to share an accomplishment, spread the word! This not only creates buzz, it will notify clients and prospects about capabilities or practice areas they were not aware you had.

6. Make it personal. Happy life events your clients have mentioned are excellent reasons to reach out, but only if you follow the golden rule of online communication: be selective (you want to over-deliver on value, not volume); considerate (taking it personal will flop if you seem like a stalker); and genuine (if it’s not straight from the heart, it goes straight in the trash).

Start putting these evergreen tips to use today—and use them to ring in a new customer relations plan for 2016—be sure to check back December 31 for ASC’s new year’s resolutions for business success!

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