Honoring Our Champion

Nora Madonick CDChamp

Congratulations to ASC’s CEO and Founder, and newly recognized Diversity Champion Nora Madonick and her fellow honorees, who were saluted at Tuesday night’s Celebrating Diversity event hosted by the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals.

Nora founded ASC on the principle that diversity drives better outcomes, and we are excited that she has been recognized for those principles and her leadership. Making every voice count is a core part of ASC’s outreach mission.

Thank you to everyone who joined in our #Vote4Nora campaign.

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Simple Yet Brilliant Facilitation Technique You Should Be Using


If you’ve ever wished for a way to handle rapid fire questions during a public meeting Q&A, this one’s for you. At a recent storm preparedness workshop in Manhattan, partnering a facilitator with a speaker during the all-important Q&A session made sure even the most agitated questioner felt included, the process was smooth, and the speaker had ample time to prepare answers.

Here’s how it worked: Once the speaker finished, the facilitator opened a 20-minute Q&A by collecting three questions from the audience and writing them on a flip chart. He then restated the questions for the speaker to answer one at a time. After the first three had been answered, the facilitator collected three more, and on until 20 minutes had ended.

Here’s why this approach worked so well:

The facilitator managed audience expectations about the length and process of the Q&A

No individual could dominate the Q&A

The speaker had plenty of time to frame each response

Questioners—and the audience—saw and heard the questions

The Q&A was controlled from start to finish

We’ve all seen meetings where the Q&A devolved into something less than productive—a good facilitator anticipates the unexpected with a toolbox of options that can turn the most contentious meeting into a positive experience. What are some successful facilitation techniques you’ve seen or used?

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Public Relations & Outreach Intern Wanted

ASC_final logo_square

Arch Street Communications (ASC) has an immediate opportunity for a Public Relations & Outreach Intern in White Plains, NY, assisting busy Project Managers on public awareness campaigns and public engagement programs for federal, state and regional government agencies with a focus on transportation, energy, environment and safety. Join us – a team of great people that work and play well together!

DURATION: May 1-open

View our website to learn more about Arch Street Communications.


The selected candidate will have editing, proofreading, organizational and research skills. Must be able to work independently and on a team, supporting Associate and Senior Project Managers. Candidate must have a solid command of Microsoft Office Suite and strong social media capabilities. Desire to learn and assist in event and workshop planning. Must be self-motivated, able to multitask and work under deadline pressure.


Responsibilities will include assigned projects working under the supervision of a Project Manager.


Arch Street Communications (ASC) has delivered strategic communications and public engagement support to Federal and State agencies since 1992. We’re the bold, nimble, women-owned small business discreetly supporting many successful strategic communications, public outreach, and public relations programs for government agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. We seek out work that is meaningful: that changes, saves, and improves lives. We help clients communicate about issues that matter to Americans—transportation, safety, air quality, energy, and the environment. No matter how complicated a problem may appear, we search for the compelling “simple truth” solution to deliver important messages in plain language to achieve lasting understanding and advance calls to action. Giving back ASC is a socially responsible company—we reduce our impact on the environment through commuter benefits, including telework and staggered work hours, and give back to our community with pro-bono programs and volunteer days. We encourage our suppliers to engage in sustainable practices and join our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Send resumes to Linda-Ann Schmidt, Office Manager, at laschmidt@asc-pr.com.

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