Got a plan to save the planet?

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We know that actions—big and small—can make a difference in the health of our environment. That’s why ASC has put in place in-house procedures to reduce waste, improve air quality and keep us thinking green:

By doing much of our work using online webinar and screen-sharing programs, we have dramatically reduced the amount of travel time to client locations—saving gas and reducing carbon emissions.

With the advent of digital technology and cell phones, printing is becoming a thing of the past. We have dramatically reduced the amount of ink and paper used over the past five years.

60% of ASC’s staff uses alternatives to driving to work, including public transit, walking and teleworking.

We recycle daily, and when we relocated last year to our new location in White Plains, NY, we donated to individuals and local charities countless items that were put to good re-use and thus did not end up in a landfill.

We are also proud of the work we do every day to support the success of our clients’ programs in reducing emissions that harm the environment. We’ve helped boost participation in Commuter Connections’ Bike to Work Day in metro DC to a record 17,500 in 2015. Our work with the Federal Highway Administration’s It All Adds Up to Cleaner Air national air quality awareness campaign increased community partners from 14 to more than 100. And for the New York State Department of Transportation’s Go Smart NYC alternative travel pilot program we secured dozens of sponsors, surpassing goals by 440%.

When you work for a company that cares about the environment as much as ASC, every day is Earth Day. Spread the word!

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