Making Every Voice Count


Arch Street Communications (ASC) is pleased to announce ASC CEO and Founder Nora Madonick’s nomination as an Outstanding Entrepreneur for Westfair’s Celebrating Diversity Awards.

Nora is a powerful resource for diversity in the communications field as well as for her clients and the community. Support Nora and ASC by casting your vote for her in the Outstanding Entrepreneur category! You can vote as many times as you wish—vote early and often! Polls close on 2/7.
Nearly 25 years ago, Nora set herself to the tasks of building her business by developing communication and public outreach campaigns to support meaningful projects that change, save, and improve lives—for people from all walks of life.

Because Diversity Requires Action
Under her leadership, ASC’s strategic communications and public outreach work continues to provide a powerful voice for under-served and under-represented populations in transportation and energy projects in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, metropolitan Washington, DC, and across the country.

Because Nora is an Outstanding Entrepreneur
Nora built ASC from the ground up, starting with $10,000 of her own money and a single contract with the Westchester County Department of Transportation to a business that saw more than $1 million in revenue last year.

Because Every Vote Counts
Do your part to shine a light on diversity by supporting the great work of ASC’s fearless leader with a #Vote4Nora as Outstanding Entrepreneur.


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