Controlling Chaos: Our guide to a successful Q&A


In a recent article published in the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals, our CEO, Nora Madonick, described an easy to implement three-step process that will not only make your Q&A session easier to manage, but also ensure that everyone in your audience feels included in the conversation.

The process is important and it all centers around an action plan. Having a plan for the Q&A portion of your meeting before you walk in the door can turn a confusing flurry of questions into a constructive information session that allows the audience to receive immediate, well thought out responses to their queries. This process is easy to setup; all you need are:

-A white board, chalk board, or paper flip chart

-A facilitator

-Your speaker

-Your audience

To read about how these four components work together for a smoother, more engaged Q&A session, check out Nora’s full article at

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