The “Can Do” Intern


In late April, Shaquana Chaneyfield walked into my office, next in a line of applicants for a summer internship. Shaquana was unlike the others-their college resumes near bursting with rosters of leadership in clubs, social activism and travel abroad. They were all deserving, but Shaquana swept them aside in an interview I was sad to see end. She had a smile that lit up the room, enthusiasm that could not be contained, and a curiosity that was boundless and unapologetic. I could tell her life was neither simple nor easy, but I never heard much about that from Shaquana. She asked about everything—about how we do things, what’s important to us as a team, and what we need from the ideal intern. And “why” and “how” seemed to be favorite words. By the end, she knew more about my little company than had any applicant—for any job—before her.

Shaquana arrived at ASC with sleeves rolled up, curiosity amped and a can-do attitude that is indefatigable. We watched her take on task after task, researching nuances of each assignment to make sure what she delivered was more than what was asked. Whether it was a mailing list, helping at an event, or rethinking a media management system, Shaquana’s answer was always, “Sure, I can do that.”

Shaquana will start a fall internship soon, and we couldn’t be more proud. We sent her off today with her hopes and dreams tucked into a Kate Spade bag for her big entrance.

We expect every ASC intern will leave with more skill, more knowledge, and more understanding than when they arrived. The surprise is always in what they leave with us. Thanks, Shaquana.

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