Summer Travel Tips: Work Zone Safety


Across the country it is construction season, and this month, as schools close for summer break more drivers, especially younger ones, will be on the road during the day. In our home state of New York, bridge and highway projects are now in full swing. ASC’s transportation infrastructure clients, for example, are currently rehabilitating or reconstructing 12 bridges across Westchester, Rockland and Ulster counties, and working on Interstate 84 in Connecticut, among others.

More than 7 million people are employed in transportation construction across the country. Unfortunately, about 20,000 of those workers will be injured each year in collisions—but the good news is, those injuries are preventable.

As communications specialists, proudly working with the US Department of Transportation, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut Departments of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, among many other transportation-focused agencies, we advance important messages about safety that reach the public in a clear, concise manner.

Work zones can change by the minute, so staying focused on driving is essential. Be part of the safety message by following these simple tips, and sharing them with friends and co-workers. When you approach a work zone:

Slow down: Look for reduced speed limits in active work zones and keep to those limits—speeding contributes to 29% of the fatal crashes in work zones

Pay attention: Keep your eyes on the road and watch for signs, cones, barriers and flaggers

Stay off your phone: Distracted driving helped cause 16% of fatal crashes in work zones

Driving safely in a work zone means you, other drivers and the construction crews get home safely. And that’s a message we can all get behind!

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